Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Dukan War

Are you at war and do not know it?

Do you find you self getting uncomfortable and irritable after stepping on the scales?

Do you sometimes think this weight loss cause is lost so I may as well admit defeat?Do you not know you are at war but your body, family and emotions do?

Do you feel defensive because of things that people say and do and put this down to your weight?

Dukan says "the weight loss phase is a period of war and to achieve true victory, the only result has to be ever lasting peace"

Dwight D Eisenhower said""We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it."

The peace that comes form weight loss is a slow one that can be easily be disturbed. Dukan offers a way forward with the carefully planned phases and maintainable plan.

I have so far lost 17lbs 11 days and feel so much better. even when the scales stayed stuck at the beginning of cruise for three days I knew that I would be loosing... There is no surprises in the food that would make a gain. And I am not ravenously hungry.

The recipes I have been using are here on the blog is my favourite so far..

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  1. Good Job on losing 17 lbs in 11 days! That is awesome! Keep up your good work. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really do like Dukan, I've been on it for a year and lost about 20 lbs. Now,I feel like I need a change. My body needs it and mentall, i need it too! :) - I'll follow up on your progress for sure. Good work.